Learn why you should integrate video testimonials on your landing pages and how it increases trust in your products.

Video Testimonials are on of the most powerful marketing tools available. They quickly show interested customers genuine experiences from real customers. In contrast to written reviews, video testimonials are much more trustworthy. Authentic experiences with the products can be communicated within a few minutes.

Therefore video testimonials have a much higher conversion rate.

Nevertheless, video testimonials have a major disadvantage. It is very difficult to produce and obtain from customers. Many think it is necessary to hire a professional film crew and write scripts. But this does not have to be the case.

That’s why we developed Vimonial. Vimonial allows you to easily send campaign links to customers and automatically collect video testimonials. Vimonial automatically guides customers through the process and your customers can record video testimonials directly from their smartphone or laptop, anywhere. Simply set up a new video collection campaign and send it to your users.