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June 22, 2021 2022-12-16 12:42

Tell your Story with Testimonials

Vimonial is an immersive storytelling platform. Deliver a visually dynamic experience that helps visitors understand and purchase the right products faster.

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Add video testimonials to your shop without coding!

Immediately provide a better mobile shopping experience to drastically increase conversion rates. Explain your products by displaying UGC videos and increase customer trust.

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Install Vimonial

Install Vimonial on your site to start displaying and collecting enticing UGC testimonials.

Upload testimonials

Already got some testimonials? Just upload them to Vimonial to present them pixel perfect.

Customize Widget

Customize the Vimonial widget to your liking. Change colors, sizes or borders to fit your corporate design.

Easy & Quick Set Up

Use the Shopify Editor to drag and drop your customized vimonial widget right onto your store.

Automatic Video Collection

Automatically collects video testimonials from your customers for all your products.

Increase Conversion

Show video testimonials at crucial points in the buyer journey to maximize your conversion rate.

Let your customers create UGC testimonials for you

Collecting UGC testimonials is hard, we get it! That's why we created Vimonial so you can collect video testimonials from your customers in minutes with no need for a developer or website hosting.

Supports all devices

Directly record video testimonials in the browser

Review Request

Send automated review requests after the order has arrived

Download Testimonials

Download the received testimonials to use however you like

Fully customizable

Fully customizable review pages to fit your corporate identity

Social Ads

Use received video testimonials on social media platforms

Incentivize customers

Incentivize customers by offering gifts or discounts in exchange for a testimonial
How it works

In 3 easy steps


Send Request

Simply send a review request link to your customers and receive video testimonials on autopilot.

User records Testimonial

Customers can directly record their video testimonials on their smartphone. Testimonial collection has never been easier.


View all your received testimonials and show the best ones on your website - or use them for social ads.

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People love us

Here's what customers say about Vimonial

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CMO at Teqnigrip
Works like a dream to display uploaded video testimonials. Customer service was very helpful and quick to respond.
5 1


This app is phenomenal and I've newer experienced such a service . I'm a graphic designer and and I want my sites look pixel perfect and when I noted the chat about some minor design issues they fixed them in in less than 5 minutes and and everything was perfect on my site as well! Also they we're willing to show and push unreleased features.


CEO at Ms. Wishy Washy
Wonderful app and service. I believe video reviews are the most important advertising a company can do! This app integrated well into my Shopify store. I'm not too techie and had to email for help, Lionel was a lifesaver and helped me get it all running and helped me understand how it all works. I like how, It's really easy to download the review to use for other purposes. I'm excited to get some Video reviews now, and make some ads out of them!
2 1


CEO at Ventuo
This app is super easy to get set up and to use. I use the app to specifically collect UGC from my customers. Works really well, got a lot of video testimonials and use them in my ads. Really recommend the app.

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