How to add Video Reviews to your Shopify Store: Best Practices and Apps | Vimonial - Display Shoppable UGC Videos on Shopify

Shopify is one of the largest e-commerce platforms and is growing in popularity among online stores. It’s one of the easiest platforms to run your online store on.

However, it is not that easy to sell products online and have a high conversion rate unless you have enough authentic good reviews from your customers. Video ratings in particular create a particularly high level of trust in online stores. Your future customers can get a feeling on how your products work and look.

That’s why we are going to help you add video reviews on your shop pages yourself and encourage your most happiest customers to leave a video testimonial as soon as they receive their product!

Why you should use video reviews on your store

Builds social proof

Social proof is used in marketing to influence the behavior of potential customers. In short: If person X and Y bought a product, person Z may also buy it because they trust person X and Y in their purchasing decisions. This is then considered social proof and has a huge impact on the purchase decision. If you can show real people are using your products and talking about your brand, people will believe in your product more and be potential customers.

Increase conversion rate using video reviews

There is no doubt that real UGC video reviews in your store will increase your conversion rate in your online store. That means more sales! Customers get a feel for the products before they buy it and can imagine how they can use your product. With shoppable videos you can also add call to action buttons inside your videos.

Trust in your Brand and Products

Consumers will buy a brand’s products again and again if they consider the brand to be trustworthy, because they are sure: they will not be disappointed. When trust in your brand from customers increases customers are also open to trying out other products from your brand. Another plus: Satisfied customers recommend “their favourite” brand to their friends and family. They become brand ambassadors.

Learn more about what UGC is and why you absolutely need it in your online store.

User-generated content (UGC) is any type of content created by unpaid contributors that promotes your brand or products. The content can be written reviews, photos, videos or links that your customers create and share across their social media platforms and in digital environments.

User-generated content presents your brand in an authentic, user-oriented manner. The users’ trust in your products is strengthened and the probability of a purchase decision is increased.

Why User-generated Content is so effective

The use of user-generated content has a number of advantages:

  • More trust: Consumers trust the opinions of close friends and acquaintances more than advertising. In addition, trust in advertising in the digital age is falling almost as steadily as organic reach. And this is exactly where user-generated content comes in through fresh content.
  • More reach: The organic reach of companies on social media platforms is steadily decreasing. One of the few efficient ways to buck this trend is to get happy customers to post content related to your brand. In addition to the reach, this also has a positive effect on the interaction rate.
  • More conversions: Even purchasing decisions can be positively influenced by user-generated content, which in turn has a lot to do with the trust it inspires. Low costs: Like any strategy, the integration of user-generated content involves effort. But unlike in influencer marketing, you don’t have to pay a salary to users who voluntarily provide you with an Instagram picture. This keeps financial expenses within limits.
  • Low costs: Like any strategy, the integration of user-generated content involves effort. But unlike in influencer marketing, you don’t have to pay a salary to users who voluntarily provide you with an image and video material. This keeps financial expenses within limits.

How to add Video Reviews on Shopify?

Adding video reviews to your Shopify store is very easy. We recommend using a Shopify app like Vimonial that specializes in getting the video reviews from your customers and displaying them on shop and product pages.

The best way to set up Vimonial is to follow the onboarding. Here you can setup when customers are asked for reviews. You can also customize the emails sent to your customers. To add video reviews on the product pages, you just have to add the Video Review Vimonial block widget to the Shopify Theme Editor. You can easily adjust the position of the widget in the theme by dragging and dropping it. As soon as you receive reviews from your customers, they are now displayed and help you to increase the conversion rate.

Click here to add Vimonial to your Shopify store

How to gain more video reviews from customers?

It’s all fun and games, but is there a proven organic way to increase ratings? Of course there is! And we’ll give you some ideas on how to increase organic reviews like a boss.

Email Requests

Ask your customers for a video review after they receive their products. Of course, you have to try some formulations here to find the perfect one. It is best for your customers to receive the email a few days after they have received the package.

Incentive your customers

A proven way to get video reviews from customers is to incentivize them. For example, you can distribute a discount coupon for each video review submitted or show your customers that you are recognizable in some other way.